Introduction to Jesus and Muhammad, Christianity and Islam: 
Toward a Greater Understanding and Respect
Why should Christians care about Muslims? Why should Muslims care about Christians? Introduction to Jesus and Muhammad, Christianity and Islam: Toward a greater understanding and respect. Discussions and lectures will include cartoons, audio-visual clips of Mecca, videos, mosque prayers, chanting of the Koran, and singing of Gregorian chant. Relationship of Hebrew and Christian Bibles and the Koran. High population of Christians and Muslims inhabiting most regions of the world. 
Need for respectful and harmonious co-existence. Vatican Council II and Declaration on the Relationship of the Church to non-Christian religions. Uniqueness of Muslims. 
Teaching of Pope Francis. 
Planning a meeting with imam (Muslim leader) in class or in one of the Saskatoon mosques. 
Differences between Sunnis and Shiites.